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GR elastic spider is suitable for all hub machines. The same dimensions to KTR or LOVE JOY. And can have good substitution.It's also the recommended elastomer inset for all applications in general engineering and hydraulics components.
Material: PU
Color: Blue / Yellow / Red
Hardness: PU Blue: 80 Shore A
PU Yellow: 92 Shore A
PU Red: 98 Shore A
Technical Data    
Temperature range: -40℃ to +100℃
Torque range: 22.4 to 2500 N.M
Extremely resistant to wear, oil, ozone and ageing  
Also resistant to hydrolysis (ideal for tropical climates)
Protect the drive against dynamic overload
Good physical properties
Wide range of application
ItemMaterialODIDHQTY of Petal
GR-14PU 30
GR-19PU 401814.56
GR-24PU 542615.28
GR-28PU 6530198
GR-38PU 8038228
GR-42PU 9546248
GR-48PU 1045125.58
GR-55PU 12060278
GR-65PU 13568328
GR-75PU 160803710
GR-90PU 2001004210
GR-100PU 2241114210
GR-110PU 2551214210
GR-125PU 2921484210
PU Coupling Spider factory

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