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Production Description

Specification about LY V  reinforced concrete pipe/making machine

Reinforced concrete pipe/making machine is the ideal equipment  to manufacture cement pipe. Reasonable design, reliable and simple operation, accord with state standard GB11836-89. The machine can be produced different sizes of tubular products such as connection tubes, small tubes and  large tubes of inner diameter of 200-1000 mm by using sand, gravel, stone chips, fly ash and slag mixed with appropriate amount of cement.

Machine Parameters:

Main Technical parameters:

(1)Mould diameter (inside mm):

φ200, φ300, φ400, φ500, φ600, φ700, φ800, φ1000

(2)Wall Thickness:

φ200 30mm, φ300 30mm,φ400 40mm, φ500 50mm, φ600 60mm, φ700 70mm,     φ800 80mm ,φ1000 100mm

(3) Mould Length: 800mm

(4)Whole power : 11.75kw (motor:7.5kw )

(5)Speed of main shaft: 45 rolls / min

(6)Reducer rate : 1:5.8

(7)Moulding cycle: 5-10min(depends on the dimenstion)

(8)Productivity (per shift ): 30~100pcs / 8h

(9)Overall dimenstion: 1840×1700×4000 mm

Detailed Images


The descriptions of the machine

1) The mechanical indexes of our concrete/cement pipe making machine are all up to the  national satandard.

2) The machine mixes river sand, carpolite, stone chips, fly ash, slag, etc with certain water and produce various species of pipe products of inner diameter 200-600mm.

3) The tubular products made  by this machine has the following advantages:average wall thickness, smooth inner and outer wall, good impermeability, high compressive strength, low cost, firm and reliable tie-in, convinent construction, high effiency,  etc.

4) Its products are widely used in the farm irrigation, sewage pipe, drain pipe, energy supply pipe, drainage engineering, highway culvert, well tube, and so on.

5) During the production, the noise is low.

6)  Only one person can operate this machine.

7) We will give you the best price, high quality and best service.

8) We can design and produce the machine according to your requirements.


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 ·Your satisfaction is necessary to our success.

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our service

Inquiry service:

Accept user’s enquiries by all kinds of ways and establish user’s product cognition.Provide all kinds of product data and let customer understand characteristics of product.

Pre-sale service:

Accept inquiry of customers,confirmation of investment advice of choice of product ,assist the customersto design the workshop

In-sale service:

Sale of product,help customers build the base ,technical training of customers’ workers ,practice of operation ,help to install ,train the operators in the workshop.

After-sale service:

24 hours service of technology inquiry, instant components supply,regularly technical service guidance ofmaintain,long distance malfunction control.

Unique service:

System upgrade,special design according to the customers' requirement, mould renew ,supply new technology and products information. Customized Vertical Pipe Making Machine

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