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1) cast iron machine body with good rigidity
2) Broken-point memory ensures the continuity of work when inciddent happens;
3) Good compatibility: Type3, Artcam .etc.
4) Gantry movement ensures the undeformation after a long-time work as well as a higher accuracy
5) NCSTUDIO/DSP control system and stepper motor.
Product namemini cnc router machine
working area300*300mm
machine body structurecast iron
InverterSufar 1.5kw
Guide railHIWIN Linear square guide rail
TransmissionImported Taiwan ballscrew
Driving modestepper motor
spindle coolingwater cooling
Spindle speed0-24000rpm/min
Empty traveling speed0-18000mm/min
Engraving speed15000mm/min
VoltageAC 380V 50/60Hz, three phase
Resetting accuracy0.05mm
Carving InstructionsG code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL
Compatible softwareArtcam, Type3, Ucancam, JDpaint, Castmate, such CAD/CAM design software
Control systemDSPor NCstudio
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