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Ребят!!!!напишите пожалуйста сочинение по английскому на тему экология нашей жизни!!!срочно!!!на завтра!!!!

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Thousands of years, day in, day out, people get and prepare their own food, create the tools, support warmth in the tents. Man cut down the forests, draining the natural reservoirs, destroys the animals, building factories, cities, factories, producing minerals, tills the ground. People are doing everything in order to be well-fed, warm, so there was less work and you can be carefree rest and do only what you like. But no one thinks about, what creatures living around, what is the status of the planet. Naturally, or that does not pass without leaving a trace. Many people believe that the resources of the Earth are endless, they look around and see that about a lot of animals, huge areas of forests, long majestic rivers, clean air. They think that this will always be so, they were only it will be enough, even too much. It was once... But with every year of the planet's resources more and more depleted, more likely to occur ecological catastrophe, in which kill thousands of lives. And we are still moving forward on the path of technological progress, passing through died due to the fault of the nature of people, forgetting that if it were not of nature, then there would be no such person.
People, stop! Stop at least for a moment, look around!
Do you not see that nature takes innocent lives not according to their own whims. It is simply compelled to draw attention to themselves. From year to year spewing volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, mudflows, avalanches, people die. So the Land warns every man, says that in one terrible moment everything can fall down, break, and die.
But people still do not pay attention, destroy and pollute the nature. I think that we must stop the barbaric actions. Stop before it was too late.

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