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составьте предложения со следующими словами:cool, kind, sweet, clever, friendly, noisy, funny, naughty, caring

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1.The weather was pretty cool yesterday, so I decided to put on my jacket.

2. My friend is very kind, he took 2 homeless kittens to his place.

3. I bought a cake yeasterday, it was very sweet and tasty.

4. My dog is very clever, it can make a lot of tricks.

5. Our neighbours are very friendly, they always help us with everything they can.

6. The street I live in is very noisy, so I try not to open the window very often.

7. I like to watch funny cartoons with my little brother.

8. My little sister is naughty, she makes a lot of mess about the house.

9. My grandmother is a caring person, so I like to visit her very much.



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